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Passionate about theatre? Love horror? Volunteering at the London Horror Festival is a perfect opportunity to see some of the UK’s best and upcoming live horror performances first-hand! If you like meeting new people and learning new skills, then we’d love to hear from you. Volunteering at the LHF is a great way to gain valuable hands-on experience in arts management and to see how a theatre festival works.

Please download the Volunteer Brief here:



"As a long time horror and theatre fan, volunteering at the 2016 London Horror Festival was an absolute dream come true, and is what I believe catapulted my career into the arts. I was able to take on a lot of responsibility which came with flexibility and trust from the amazing organisers of this underrated and highly entertaining (not to mention ambitious!) festival. Volunteering allowed me not only to grow my own interest in the arts and develop a marketing skill set which I would use in subsequent jobs, but gave me my first contacts in the industry - people that I hugely admire, and consider my friends today. 


So, if you have some spare time and enjoy being spooky, kooky, or a little bit loopy, this is the festival for you."

- Maddi Cook, LHF 2016 Volunteer

"Working at the London Horror Festival has been a fantastic experience! Volunteering at the festival is a great opportunity for anyone who adores the horror genre and plans on building a career in the theatre industry. I have learnt a huge range of skills from interacting with a range of professional companies to social media promotion of the festival to running the box office. It has helped to shape my career goals and given me the confidence to apply for various jobs in the theatre industry as well as other theatre festivals. Everyone at the festival are incredibly welcoming and are a pleasure to work with. I am so excited for what the festival brings next year and I really hope to volunteer again!" 

- Beth Culmer, LHF 2017 Volunteer

"The London Horror Festival was one of the best theatre experiences I’ve had the pleasure to work. There was so much opportunity to see work and mingle with some brilliant companies, all whilst being incredibly flexible around my studies. It’s such an amazing and well organised event that I would recommend volunteering and taking part to any one who also considers themselves strange and unusual."

Lauren Watkinson, LHF 2018 Volunteer

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