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LHF 2018

7th oct - 3rd nov

The London Horror Festival continued to grow to evermore monstrous size, returning to the Old Red Lion Theatre with over 30 productions to curdle your blood, chill your spine, and split your sides. For four weeks, theatre-goers were subjected to shocking experimentations in drama, comedy, musicals, and spoken word.

On this portentous year we honoured the grand matriarch of Gothic horror, Mary Shelley. She served as the inspiration for the theme of our annual playwriting competition (“Women in Horror”), which continued to galvanise new talent and set the festival in motion on the 7th October.

On its 200th anniversary, we reanimated her most enduring creation, Frankenstein, with three new productions. Audiences got to witness Frankenstein as never before: gender-bent by Burn Bright Theatre in their female-led retelling; frozen in the Antarctic wilderness by Two-Body Problem’s chilling contemporary continuation of the story; defiled by Fred Strangebone, who returned to put his twisted spin on Shelley’s classic.

Show line-up

Women In Horror Playwriting

Werewolf: Live

Happily Never After

Italian Horror Stories

Who Put Bella in the Wych Elm?


Do Not Remove This Book

Mistress To The Midnight

Midnight Horror

The Unseen Hour

Frances Farmer: Zombie Movie Star

Fear Itself

The Agency

Scare Slam


On Your Head Be It

The Wolves of Erin

MAGIC CIRCLE Written by Kim Newman

Let’s Summon Demons

What’s the Bloody Question!

Providence: The Shadow Over Lovecraft

The Thing on the Doorstep: Asenath’s Tale

Fred Strangebone’s the bin

The Teind

Pickman’s Model


Big Bad


Hubert Is Very Dead

The Darklings

Skerryvore: A Tale of Terror


Two-Body Problem

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