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LHF 2012

15th oct - 7th nov

After the premiere event in Hoxton last October, the festival made its new home in the Etcetera Theatre, deep in the heart of Camden. With over 15 separate productions across three weeks of theatrical entertainment, the  festival had something for everyone, and was a testament to the creativity and talent of those companies who raise fomenting fear into an art-form.

It featured blockbusting transfers from the Brighton and Edinburgh Fringes, a lecture on all things Grand Guignol by the UK’s leading experts and the culmination of the first Stage Fright horror writing competition hosted and judged by Rocky Horror writer Richard O’Brien. The festival also  spread its roots beyond Camden, with a two-week run of Lovecraftian promenade musical extravaganza The Horror! The Horror! at the spectacular and historic Wilton’s Music Hall.

Show line-up

Stage Fright

The Lost Souls

The Puppetry of Flesh

Carnival of Crows

One Man Halloween

The Monster Hunters at the Theatre of Hell

The Three Faces of
Doctor Crippen

The Horror! The Horror!

Zombie Science:
Worst Case Scenario

Dr Frankenstein’s
Travelling Freakshow

Dracula: Sex, Sucking
and Stardom

fresh, live + dead


Aleister Crowley –
A Passion For Evil

An Amputated History of
the Grand-Guignol

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