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LHF 2011

25th oct - 27th nov

The first London Horror Festival took place, perhaps surprisingly, mainly in November of 2011. As the UK’s first independent festival of horror in the performing arts, it brought together a thrilling selection of theatre, comedy, music and performance from across the UK, showcasing the wide range of talent and imagination which the genre can inspire.

In collaboration with The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, Theatre of the Damned developed a programme which reflected the power of the macabre to shock, to move, to titillate and above all to entertain. In its inaugural year the festival contained disturbing adaptations of classic horror fiction, bold new writing, the blackest of comedy and revivals of some of the world’s most gruesome dramas.

Show line-up

Revenge of the Grand Guignol

Possession is 9/10ths

The Monster Hunters

The White House

Breathing Space


zombie science 1z

The Orgy in the Lighthouse + other dark tales

The Dunwich Horror

The Woods Are Lovely

Live, Fresh - and Dead...

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